March 26, 2016

Two Ways to Restore Disable iPad to Normal Condition

In fact, you can use your backup files that stored in your iTunes or iCloud accounts to restore an iPad. However, you cannot get some detail files directly from these backup files. This is the reason why you need an effective restoration tool which is able to extract the detail data in these backup files to restore your iPad and make them back to the normal working condition. And if you use an iPad restoration tool, it's possible for you to get all your data such as contact, emails, calendar data, apps and other documents back to your iPad, so that you can continue using your iPad which has been disable like as the normal one again. Read this article, it will tell you how to restore your disable iPad in different ways.
March 26, 2016

How to Solve iPad Restore Error 9/3014/3194

What's the error 9/3014/3194 when I restore my iPad? How to solve it? The changes of operating system files are the direct cause of why the error happens when you are trying to restore your iPad. Let me explain each error to you first: Error 9 is caused by an ASR patch which changes the SHA signature; Error 3014 is caused by a bad Hosts file which blocks the connection between your iPad and the Apple Server; Error 3194 occurs when you installed older firmware but the Apple Server disallows the restoration. Seems it's very complicated but in fact, all these errors can be easily fixed by several simple steps.
March 26, 2016

iPad Cannot Be Restored? Let’s make it!

My iPad cannot be restored! Who can help me!! Actually it is a common problem that iPad users may meet when they use their iPad. At first, we need to know why the iPad cannot be restored. There are several reasons such as operating system errors, the communications issues between your iPad and computer or Apple Server. Most of the problem is caused by the last reason, the communication issues. However, you don't need to be anxious about this, there are several solutions to solve this issue like updating your operating system files on your computer. And also there are other practical solutions, continue to read and learn.
March 24, 2016

How to Restore iPhone SE to Normal

Since the news that Apple Company's new product iPhone SE will come into the market, this phone has been watched by plenty of eye balls. People are hungry for iPhone because of its brilliant features and reputation. Now the iPhone SE is available for the customers, so many people bought this product. However, during the using procedure, people find there is a big problem this product has, it will stick in the recovery mode loop problem. It really drives the iPhone SE users crazy and don't know how to deal with it. This article is aiming for solving this problem for these users. Continue to read and learn how to fix this problem.