Powerful Tool to Extract Files from iPhone SE

To teach the iPhone users who don't have the backup files on iTunes or iCloud about how to extract files from iPhone SE to computer easily.

Urgent problem! Any digital talent could teach me how to extract files from my iPhone SE? I don't have the backup files on iTunes or iCloud. Thanks a lot!

Once I saw this question put on the Internet, I already have the answer in my mind. Sure there are plenty of ways to extract files from iPhone SE no matter you have a backup file on the iTunes or iCloud or not. If you have a good tool, you can achieve it very easily. The question is what the good tool is. Because most of the tools now just can do some easy works for data extraction, especially you don't know where the exact files location that you want to extract from, it might be a big problem for these software. Can we find a good tool for solving this data extracting problem? Of course! Don't worry. I have one, the iSkysoft iPhone Data Extractor which is really a fantastic data extraction software.

Best Tool to Directly Extract Files from iPhone SE

As I mentioned before, the iSkysoft iPhone Data Extractor is the best data extraction software I have ever seen. And on the current market now, I didn't see any other similar data extraction software could beat it. You don't believe that? Ok, please just look at its following key features. I am sure they will impress you a lot:

Key Features of iSkysoft iPhone Data Extractor

  • Comprehensive iOS device compatibility:  This tool supports all the iOS operating system devices including iPhone SE, iPad and iPod, so the iOS device users can extract files from all these devices without compatibility problem.
  • Diversiform file extraction modes:   By this software, you can not only extract your files directly from your iPhone SE but also you are allowed to extract files from the iTunes and iCloud if you have backup files in them.
  • Automated data extraction:  As long as you connect your iPhone SE to the computer, the program can automatically extract files you selected without any extra operations. Just click on the corresponding options and files you want to extract from the main phone, that's it.
  • Easy data preview:  With this software, you are allowed to preview the files before you extract them to your computer, so that you can only select the files that you want to extract and ignore the extra files you don't need, which can save you a lot of time and energy.

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How to Directly Extract files from iPhone SE Device

Do remember to backup your important data to your computer to ensure the safety of your data in case accidents happens to your iPhone SE. Also you can backup them to your iTunes or iCloud account. Once you need to extract data from your iPhone SE to your PC, the iSkysoft iPhone Data Extractor makes it pretty easy.

Step 1: Choose the file extraction mode for your iPhone SE

If you want to extract files from your iPhone SE by this tool, of course the first thing you have to do is to download the iSkysoft iPhone Data Extractor and then install it on your computer. This software offers both Mac and Windows version, remember to choose the right one for your PC. After the installation, launch the program on your PC and then using a USB cable to connect your iPhone SE with the computer. When the program recognized your iPhone SE successfully, you can find several data extraction modes on the home interface. Here you just need to click on “Recover from iOS Device” to run the data extractor process and select your iPhone SE as the data detection device. This mode will directly guide you to the direct file extraction from your iPhone SE not iCloud or iTunes.


Step 2: Scan files on your iPhone SE

After the mode selection, click on the “Start Scan” button to ask the software to begin scanning the files which have been stored on your iPhone SE. After a few minutes, you will see all your files from your iPhone SE have been shown on the easy to understand interface, and the program has already listed them into different main data categories such as “Photos & Videos”, “Messages & Call Logs” and “Memos & Others”. Now according to your need, you can go to the data categories where your wanted files are belong to and then select the individual file one by one that you want to extract. Actually all the files have been selected at the beginning by default, so you can deselect all of them and then select the ones you need.


Step 3: Extract your wanted files from your iPhone SE

Once the files that you want have been selected, click on the “Recover” button which located at the bottom of the interface to trigger the program to start the file extraction process so that your wanted files will be extracted from your iPhone SE and copy to your computer and save on it. Just wait for some time which depends on the files size you choose to extract. During this process, make sure your iPhone SE being connectted with your computer firmly, so the file extracting process won't be disturbed. Otherwise you need to repeat all these steps again and also there will be some broken junk files in your iPhone SE.

From the above introduction of iSkysoft iPhone Data Extractor and the operations for extracting files from iPhone SE directly to your computer, you can easily find that it is really a good tool for all the iOS devices to extract the file inside the iPhone SE to the computers. So no matter the files you want to extract is photos, videos, voicemails, documents, SMS texts, or any other, this tool can help you easily hit your target. And not only these powerful features, this tool can also help you manually convert your audio files into the right format to match the supported format that your device allows to play. So if you have any file extraction problems, the best choice for you is iSkysoft iPhone Data Extractor.

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