Practical Way to Restore iPad/iPad Pro from IPSW

Tell the users what the IPSW is and teach the iPad users how to restore iPad or iPad Pro from IPSW in a practical and effortlessly way. Before we learn how to restore iPad or iPad Pro from IPSW, we need to know something about IPSW at first.

So, What do you understand by IPSW?

In fact, the IPSW is a file format that the Apple official tool iTunes uses to stock up iOS firmware, which can be utilized to restore an iOS device to the previous state when the iOS device users want to. The IPSW file is a ZIP file with three files of Apple disk. The first Apple disk file consists of the root file system of the iOS device. The further two Apple disk files are RAM disks, which are used for iOS device restoring and updating. The IPSW also consists of a firmware folder. From these information, you can know that the IPSW is incredibly vital because it contains all the things that you may require to run the crux iOS system on your iOS devices. And you can restore your iPad to a normal state without any password, which means that no matter you forget your password or not, once your iPad meet some problem and cannot work normally, you can restore it by the IPSW and afterward to set a new passwords for your iPad. Very convenient service isn't it?

Since we have known what the IPSW is, so now we can start to know how to restore our iPad from IPSW. Continue to read this article.

The Best Tool for restoring iPad/iPad Pro with IPSW

Of course, if we want to restore our iPad (Pro/Air/Mini) from IPSW, we need some efficient tool to help us do it easier and more convenient. From the plenty of data restoration tools on the market, it's hard for us to know which one is the appropriate one for us. So here now in this paragraph, I would like to introduce the best data restoration tool I have used before as an example. The iSkysoft Data Recovery for iPad software. And I think the most attractive feature of this tool is its “Fix iOS to Normal” function, which can help you restore your iPad from IPSW with ease. Just several simple steps, your iPad will be restored to its previous state without any data loss. Pretty amazing. To understand this tool better, there are some key features below, you can have a look at them:

Main attributes of iSkysoft Data Recovery for iPad (Pro)

  • Complete support to all devices based on iOS–This tool supports all the iOS operating system devices including iPhone, iPad and iPod, so the users can extract the data from all these devices without worry of device compatibility.
  • Several Extraction methods –You can extract your data directly from your iPad or from the iTunes and iCloud backup files.
  • Lost data Extraction –If you have lost some data on your iOS device, this tool can help you to extract the lost data from the files of backup such as iCloud or iTunes backup.
  • Multiple data type Extraction- Not just notes, this tool also supports you to extract other data such as contacts, SMS, photo and so on.

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Detail guide for you to bring back iPad/iPad Pro to standard from IPSW

In the past, showing off your iOS device meant you might lose all your data such as contacts, call logs, photos, music, videos and other private data that you stored on your device. However, it won't happen in this technology world anymore. In addition, due to the handy features this tool offers, you can restore iPad from IPSW without any data loss risk. By using this tool, you iPad will be restored to factory settings, which means all the unlocked attributes will be returned to locked state. So, if your iPad was jailbroken, you need to jailbreak it once more after restoration. However, all your custom information will be retained and you can continue to use your iPad as if the operating system had never been damaged.

Step I. Attach your iPad with PC

Go to official website of iSkysoft software to download the correct version of iSkysoft iPad Data Recovery software for your computer. Waif a moment until the download is completed. Then install this software on your computer and launch it. Once you enter main home screen of this program, find out the “Fix iOS to Normal” option on the left of the screen and click on it to select this option. After that, use a matched USB cable to connect your iPad with your PC, and wait the program to successfully detect it. Then click on the “Start” button to continue the process.

Restore iPad from IPSW

Step II. Download the latest version of firmware

Now the iSkysoft iPad Data Recovery program will access the iTunes server and search out all the compatible IPSW files on your PC. After the IPSW are listed on the interface, select the latest version for your iPad and then download it by clicking on the “Download” button. Wait for a while until the files be successfully downloaded on your computer.

Restore iPad Pro from IPSW

Step III. Restore your iPad/iPad Pro to normal

After the IPSW be successfully downloaded on your PC, the iSkysoft iPad Data Recovery program will automatically update the system files for your PC and iPad. It may take several minutes, just be patient to wait. After the process is completed, your iPad will reboot and perfectly restored to normal by the program.

It is absolutely normal that you may forget your password and tried several time wrong password to disable your iPad. You do not need to be panic if you are in such kind of situation, just utilize iSkysoft Data Recovery for iPad, you can easily make your iPad come back to normal. With this tool you can restore your iPad from the IPSW files which stored in iTunes with ease. So do remember to back up all your data on iCloud or iTunes regularly, it is quite important in case that you may need to restore your iPad from files of IPSW.

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