March 17, 2016

3 Simple Steps to Extract Files from iTunes Backup

The iOS users always want to ask whether they can extract files from iTunes backup before they decide to backup them on iTunes. If it's very hard to extract the files from it, they might decide not to back up the files there. Now let me tell you of course you can extract files from your iTunes backup and also you can do it very easily if you use the iSkysoft iPhone Data Recovery.
March 16, 2016

3 Ways to Extract App Data from Our iPhone

Actually to extract the app data from our iPhone or backup files on iTunes or iCloud, is available if you use the software called iSkysoft iPhone Data Extractor. This software offer you a very user-friendly interface that even if you are a digital beginner you can also use it very easily and safely. And it allows you to directly see and select the data that you want to extract. Extracting data from iPhone won’t be a difficult task if you use this tool which promises you an original quality extracted data with just several simple steps.
March 16, 2016

Best App to Extract Voice Memos from iPhone

To record our great ideas that accidently coming into our mind, the voice memo is the best choice that allows us to immediately save that idea. So we would like to do it on your iPhone. But due to the storage limitation of the iPhone, to move them to our PC should be the wise way and also it’s much safer to save them on the computer than just saving them on the iPhone. From above question, people might think it’s hard to extract the voice memos from iPhone, but iSkysoft iPhone Data Extractor can help you easily do that.
March 16, 2016

How to Extract Files from iPod Touch Easily

Nowadays I always hear people around asked a question, is there anyway can extract files from my iPod Touch? In their eyes, it might be a very difficult task to extract files from iPod Touch. In fact, you really cannot extract files from iPod Touch or even other iOS devices, but if you have a useful tool, the result might be different. Here is a good and useful tool for you, the iSkysoft iPhone Data Extractor. Don’t think it’s just designed for iPhone from its name, actually it can be used for all the iOS devices to extract files from the devices, and what’s more, it can also help you to extract files from iTunes backup and iCloud backup. What a powerful tool it is! When you want to extract files such as meeting records or music from your iPod Touch, come to iSkysoft iPhone Data Extractor, it will help you realize your idea.